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The CBM Files: C64 and C128 Graphic Programs

GIFVERT is a C64 program that converts compress Koala Paint ('gg' files) to GIF files. AUTOGRAPH can be used of convert some other graphic file format to Koala Paint, and GIFVERT can then convert them to GIF format.
gifvert.sda Program and document are in self dissolving file.
gifvert.txt True ascii document for GIFVERT.

AUTOGRAPH is a graphic file converter and display utility for the C64. This program can display and covert files in the following formats: Koala, Compressed Koala GG, Compressed JJ, Doodle, Artist 64, SID/PIC, Blazing Paddles, OCP Art Studio, Advanced OCP Studio, RUN Paint. Multiple files can be display in a slideshow.
autogrph.sda AUTOGRAPH program and document in self dissolving file.
autograp.txt True ascii document for AUTOGRAPH.

Example of gif file created with gifvert

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Burton Craddock
Last Update August 23, 2000