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C64: Koala (GG) to GIF Graphic convertion

It seem the midearth.gif file that come as an example GIF file with a GIF viewer for the C64 cause some version Netscape to terminate. I have to delete midearth.gif .

The file midearth.gif was coverted to Koala file with a GIF viewer. The Koala file was coverted to Koala compressed GG file using te program AUTOGRAPH. The Koala file was converted to the file mearth.gif using the program gifvert. C64 graphic files convert to gif graphic files have smaller picture size than files converted to GIF format using other converters. Netscape will keep on running when displaying mearth.gif . File size of midearth.gif 9k. File size of mearth.gif is 5k.

mearth.gif .

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Burton Craddock
Last Update August 23, 2000