The CBM Files: C64 and C128 Graphic Programs

GIF encoder and decoder (viewers)

GIFVERT is a C64 program that converts compress Koala Paint ('gg' files) to GIF files.
gifvert.sda Program and document are in self dissolving file.
gifvert.txt True ascii document for GIFVERT.
GIF Viewer V2.1 by David Jansen is amoung the best freeware gif 87a viewer for the C64. If a gif file was not created from an Commodore C64 or C128 graphic, often a few colors are displayed. The commercial program GoDot for the C64 have a gif decoder that often displays more than 3 time the number of color than GIF Viewer V2.1 for the same gif file. The main advantage of GIF Viewer over GoDot is it view interlace gif files. GoDot can view non interlace gif 87a and gif 89a files. The patched version +VGIF64 can view both gif 87a and gif 89a files. The files viewed can be saved as either Koala format files or Doodle format files.
vgif.txt GIF Viewer V2.1 document program files VGIF64 and +VGIF64 ; and pet ascii document file VGIF64.DOC
TUGIF.BIN is a C64 program that convert a C64 graphic file to a GIF graphic file format. This program supportd Doodle!, Koala, compressed Dooldle!, RLE, and GeoPaint formats. Users can select either sequential or interlaced 87a GIF file format. The GIF graphic size will be 320 horizontal X 200 vertical pixels. GeoPaint graphic should be non color hires. If a GeoPaint have color graphics, all pixels of one or more colors may be missing for gif files created from GeoPaint files.
tugif.bin BASIC program
tugif.txt is document file.
tugifbas.txt is BASIC listing in true ascii.

Graphic files converters

AUTOGRAPH is a graphic file converter and display utility for the C64. This program can display and covert files in the following formats: Koala, Compressed Koala GG, Compressed JJ, Doodle, Artist 64, SID/PIC, Blazing Paddles, OCP Art Studio, Advanced OCP Studio, RUN Paint. Multiple files can be display in a slideshow. A Koala Compressed GG file or a file converted to a Koala Compressed file can be converted to a GIF file using the program gifvert.
autogrph.sda AUTOGRAPH program and document in self dissolving file.
autograp.txt True ascii document for AUTOGRAPH.

Graphic follow by text

Graphic Assault System for C128 and C64 is a program that displays a graphic screen and then display a scrolling text message after the space bar is press. Disk drive is device 8 or 9 with deflault device 8.
gas128.cbm is C128 version of program.
gas64.cbm is C64 version of program.
gaschart.txt" is chart of keyboard function for gas128.cbm and gas64.cbm.

Paint and Draw

Amica Paint contain a D64 file.
Art Studio and Advance Art Studio contain a D64 file.
Fun Paint and Fun Paint 2 contain program files.
Gunpaint contain program file.
MCI Editor (Multi Color Interlace) contain program file
Pdraw by C. Heilman is a high resolution graphic screen editor for user and programmer with over 42 commands. Commands are enter from pop-up menu or keyboard. Joystick or track ball is connected in control port 2. Pdraw can print on MPS 801 compatible printers.
pdraw.sda Pdraw program and document in pet ascii.
pdraw.txt Pdraw document in true ascii.

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