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PKZIPV2 : Zip and unzip for C64 and C128

Errol Smith PKZIP2.04 unzip
First software for C64 and C128 to unzip PKZIPV2.04
Gunzip.c64 software and document
Decompresses both ZIP and GZIP compressed files. Dissolves compressed D64 images directly into 154x/7x disk in about the same amount of time as programs that non compressed D64 files. Save time from using separate programs for decompressing compressed D64 files and dissolving D64 files. Total time saved dearchiving compressed D64 files is often better than 60 percent.
PuZip software and document
Zip compressor for C64 and C128. Create ZIP compatible files. Uses Deflate store or LZ77 compression with fixed huffmann. Select files to compress/store from directory listing. Create and compress D64/D71/D81 disk images.

JPEG decoder for the C64

Steve Jedd JPG decoders for C64 include black and white version, and color version of the decoders with sample graphic files in JPEG format.

English version of foreign documents

The .P00 Converter Document
English version of .P00 Converter program. Convert P00 (PC 64 Emulator) files into commodore C64 files.
The .T64 Converter document
English version of .T64 Converter program documention. Convert T64 (PC 64 Emulator) files into commodore C64 files.

Software at this site

Archiving Software of C64 and C128

Office Software of C64 and C128 : Database, Spreadsheet, Finance, Accounting

Programming Languages

Operating Systems for C64 and C128

Graphic software for C64 and C128

Compute! Gazette software and Documents

Speech software for C64 and C128

Star Trek software for C64 and C128

Programs by programmer Burton Craddock

Coming soon my programs

Some programs
Model rockery, Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Electronic

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