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The CBM Files: C64 and C128 Word Processing

and Text Editing Software

The Writer's Workshop
wrtrwksp.txt: Brief description of programs and document files.
All programs and documents files in the self dissolving file wrtrwksp.sda.: Documents files are in Pet ascii.

The following files are True ascii version of document files in wrtrwksp.
tedoc.txt: Text Editor version 2.9 Instructions
wrtrsrs.txt: First 3 part of The Writer's Series articles

Finally, the ultimate package, filled with 9 top-quality writing files,
just for you, The Writer. This new 'Writer's Workshop' has the following features:

1) An easy to use, self-explanable menu program, making it faster to access the files in this package.
2) A high-quality word processing program, 'Text Editor', and three instructional files on its use.
3) The newest in the "Outliner" series, Version 4, packed with many printing features, now totalling a maximum of eight different types!
4) The first three files of the new series, 'The Writer', about techniques and rules of writing correctly and beautifully.

The CBM Files: Home Page

Burton Craddock
(c) May 26, 2001
Last Update May 26, 2001