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C= commodore 64

Commodore 128 ROM Addresses

; Commodore 128 ROM Memory Map ; with RAM Subroutines ; ; V1.3 8 Nov 1994 ; 1986 Basic and VDC patch information added ; ; V1.2 1 Sep 1994 ; ; Data types in headers (for reassembler): ; ; DATA Misc data ; TEXT String terminated with 00 ; WORD Vectors in LO/HI byte pairs ; CHIP I/O Area ; EMPTY ROM containing FF's or AA's ; ; ; C128 RAM Subroutines ; 0002 Bank Number, Jump to SYS address 0056 Jump vector for functions 02a2 Bank Peek Subroutine 02af Bank Poke Subroutine 02be Bank Compare Subroutine 02cd JSR to another bank 02e3 JMP to another bank 0380 CHRGET 0386 CHRGOT entry 0390 ? 039f Fetch From Bank 0 03ab Fetch From Bank 1 03b7 Fetch From Bank 1 03c0 Fetch From Bank 0 03c9 Fetch From Bank 0 03f0 DMA Link Code ; ; BASIC v7.0 interpreter ROM ($4000 - $AFFF) ; ; BASIC ROM LO ; 4000 Basic Entry Jumps 4009 Basic Restart 4023 Basic Cold Start 4045 Set-Up Basic Constants 4112 Chime 417a Set Preconfig Registers 4189 Registers For $D501 DATA 418d Init Sprite Movement Tabs 419b Print Startup Message 41bb Startup Message DATA 4251 Set Basic Links 4267 Basic Links DATA 4279 Chrget For $0380 42ce Get From ($50) Bank1 42d3 Get From ($3f) Bank1 42d8 Get From ($52) Bank1 42dd Get From ($5c) Bank0 42e2 Get From ($5c) Bank1 42e7 Get From ($66) Bank1 42ec Get From ($61) Bank0 42f1 Get From ($70) Bank0 42f6 Get From ($70) Bank1 42fb Get From ($50) Bank1 4300 Get From ($61) Bank1 4305 Get From ($24) Bank0 430a Crunch Tokens 43e2 Check Keyword Match 4417 Keywords DATA 46fc Action Vectors WORD 47d8 Function Vectors WORD 4828 Defunct Vectors WORD 4846 Unimplemented Commands 484b Messages DATA 4a82 Find Message 4b34 Update Continue Pointer 4b3f Execute/Trace Statement 4bcb Perform [stop] 4bcd Perform [end] 4bf7 Setup FN Reference 4c86 Evaluate 4c89 Evaluate 4cb6 Evaluate 4d2a Print 'ready' 4d2d 'ready.' TEXT 4d37 Error or Ready 4d3a Print 'out of memory' 4d3c Error 4daf Break Entry 4dc3 Ready For Basic 4de2 Handle New Line 4f4f Rechain Lines 4f82 Reset End-of-Basic 4f93 Receive Input Line 4faa Search B-Stack For Match 4ffe Move B-Stack Down 5017 Check Memory Space 5047 Copy B-Stack Pointer 5050 Set B-Stack Pointer 5059 Move B-Stack Up 5064 Find Basic Line 50a0 Get Fixed Pt Number 50e2 Perform [list] 5123 List Subroutine 51d6 Perform [new] 51f3 Set Up Run 51f8 Perform [clr] 5238 Clear Stack & Work Area 5250 Pudef Characters 5254 Back Up Text Pointer 5262 Perform [return] 528f Perform [data/bend] 529d Perform [rem] 52a2 Scan To Next Statement 52a5 Scan To Next Line 52c5 Perform [if] 5320 Search/Skip Begin/Bend 537c Skip String Constant 5391 Perform [else] 53a3 Perform [on] 53c6 Perform [let] 54f6 Check String Location 553a Perform [print#] 5540 Perform [cmd] 555a Perform [print] 5600 Print Format Char 5607 -print ''- 560a -print '?'- 5612 Perform [get] 5635 Getkey 5648 Perform [input#] 5662 Perform [input] 569c Prompt & Input 56a9 Perform [read] 57f4 Perform [next] 587b Perform [dim] 5885 Perform [sys] 58b4 Perform [tron] 58b7 Perform [troff] 58bd Perform [rreg] 5901 Assign 5975 Perform [auto] 5986 Perform [help] 59ac Insert Help Marker 59cf Perform [gosub] 59db Perform [goto] 5a15 Undef'd Statement 5a1d Put Sub To B-Stack 5a3d Perform [go] 5a60 Perform [cont] 5a9b Perform [run] 5aca Perform [restore] 5af0 Keywords To Renumber DATA 5af8 Perform [renumber] 5bae Renumber-Continued 5bfb Renumber Scan 5d19 Convert Line Number 5d68 Get Renumber Start 5d75 Count Off Lines 5d89 Add Renumber Inc 5d99 Scan Ahead 5da7 Set Up Block Move 5dc6 Block Move Down 5ddf Block Move Up 5dee Check Block Limit 5df9 Perform [for] 5e87 Perform [delete] 5efb Get Line Number Range 5f34 Perform [pudef] 5f4d Perform [trap] 5f62 Perform [resume] 5fb7 Reinstate Trap Point 5fd8 Syntax Exit 5fdb Print 'can't resume' 5fe0 Perform [do] 6039 Perform [exit] 608a Perform [loop] 60b4 Print 'loop not found' 60b7 Print 'loop without do' 60db Eval While/Until Argument 60e1 Define Programmed Key 610a Perform [key] 619a DATA 61a8 Perform [paint] 627c Check Painting Split 62b7 Perform [box] 63f5 Authors DATA 642b Perform [sshape] 658d Perform [gshape] 668e Perform [circle] 6750 Draw Circle 6797 Perform [draw] 67d7 Perform [char] 6955 Perform [locate] 6960 Perform [scale] 69dc DATA 69e2 Perform [color] 6a4c Color Codes DATA 6a5c Log Current Colors 6a79 Perform [scnclr] 6b06 Fill Memory Page 6b17 Set Screen Color 6b5a Perform [graphic] 6bc9 Perform [bank] 6bd7 Perform [sleep] 6c09 Multiply Sleep Time 6c2d Perform [wait] 6c4f Perform [sprite] 6cb3 Bit Masks DATA 6cc6 Perform [movspr] 6dd9 DATA 6de1 Perform [play] 6e02 Analyze Play Character 6eb2 Set SID Sound 6efd Play Error 6f03 Dotted Note 6f07 Note Length Char 6f1e Note-A-G 6f52 ...votxnum... 6f69 Sharp 6f6c Flat 6f78 Rest 6fd7 Perform [tempo] 6fe4 Voice Times Two DATA 6fe7 Length Characters DATA 6fec Command Characters DATA 6ff9 ? DATA 7011 ? DATA 702f Chime Seq DATA 7039 SID Voice Steps DATA 7046 Perform [filter] 70c1 Perform [envelope] 7164 Perform [collision] 7190 Perform [sprcolor] 71b6 Perform [width] 71c5 Perform [vol] 71ec Perform [sound] 72cc Perform [window] 7335 Perform [boot] 7372 Perform [sprdef] 7663 ? DATA 7691 Sprite Vectors DATA 76b4 ? DATA 76ec Perform [sprsav] 77b3 Perform [fast] 77c4 Perform [slow] 77d7 Type Match Check 77da Confirm Numeric 77dd Confirm String 77e7 Print 'type mismatch' 77ea Print 'formula too complex' 77ef Evaluate Expression 78d7 Evaluate Item 793c Fixed-Float 7950 Eval Within Parens 795c Check Comma 796c Syntax Error 7978 Search For Variable 7a85 Unpack RAM1 to FAC#1 7aaf Locate Variable 7b3c Check Alphabetic 7b46 Create Variable 7cab Set Up Array 7d25 Print 'bad subscript' 7d28 Print 'illegal quantity' 7e3e Compute Array Size 7e71 Array Pointer Subroutine 7e82 Reserved For Future Patches ; Patches added in the 1986 release: 7e82 Set Bank patch for [char] 7e88 Set Bank patch for Screen Print Link 7e8e Patch for Renumber Scan 7e94 Patch for [delete] 7ea6 Patch for Note-A-G 7eb9 Patch (alternate for 6FF9) DATA 7ed1 String Stack patch for Error 7ed9 Unused EMPTY 7fc0 Copyright Banner DATA 7ffc Checksum (?) DATA ; ; BASIC ROM HI ; 8000 Evaluate 8020 Decrypt Message 804a Evaluate 8052 String to Float 8076 Evaluate 80c5 Evaluate 80e5 Perform [poke] 80f6 Evaluate 8139 Swap x With y 8142 Evaluate 816b Byte to Hex 8182 Evaluate 818c Evaluate 81f3 ? DATA 8203 Evaluate 8242 Joystick Values DATA 824d Evaluate 82ae Evaluate 82fa Evaluate 831e Evaluate 835b ? DATA 8361 Evaluate 837c Evaluate 8397 Evaluate 83e1 Evaluate 8407 Evaluate 8434 Evaluate 8490 Rnd Multiplier DATA 849a Value 32768 DATA 849f Float-Fixed Unsigned 84a7 Evaluate Fixed Number 84ad Float-Fixed Signed 84c9 Float (.y, .a) 84d0 Evaluate 84d9 Check Direct 84dd Print 'illegal direct' 84e0 Print 'undef'd function' 84e5 Set Up 16 Bit Fix-Float 84f5 Print 'direct mode only' 84fa Perform [def] 8528 Check FN Syntax 853b Perform [fn] 85ae Evaluate 85bf Evaluate 85d6 Evaluate 860a Evaluate 861c Evaluate 864d Pull String Parameters 8668 Evaluate 866e Exit String Mode 8677 Evaluate 8688 Calc String Vector 869a Set Up String 874e Build String to Memory 877b Evaluate String 87e0 Clean Descriptor Stack 87f1 Input Byte Parameter 8803 Params For Poke/Wait 8815 Float/Fixed 882e Subtract From Memory 8831 Evaluate 8845 Add Memory 8848 Evaluate 8917 Trim FAC#1 Left 894e Round Up FAC#1 895d Print 'overflow' 899c Log Series DATA 89ca Evaluate 8a0e Add 0.5 8a24 Multiply By Memory 8a27 Evaluate 8a89 Unpack ROM to FAC#2 8ab4 Unpack RAM1 to FAC#2 8ae3 Adjust FAC#1/#2 8b17 Multiply By 10 8b2e +10 8b33 Print 'division by zero' 8b38 Divide By 10 8b49 Divide Into Memory 8b4c Evaluate 8bd4 Unpack ROM to FAC#1 8bf9 Pack FAC#1 to $5e 8bfc Pack FAC#1 to $59 8c00 Pack FAC#1 to RAM1 8c28 FAC#2 to FAC#1 8c38 FAC#1 to FAC#2 8c47 Round FAC#1 8c57 Get Sign 8c65 Evaluate 8c68 Byte Fixed-Float 8c75 Fixed-Float 8c84 Evaluate 8c87 Compare FAC#1 to Memory 8cc7 Float-Fixed 8cfb Evaluate 8d22 String to FAC#1 8db0 Get Ascii Digit 8e17 Conversion Values DATA 8e26 Print 'in...' 8e32 Print Integer 8e42 Float to Ascii 8f76 +0.5 DATA 8f7b Decimal Constants DATA 8f9f TI Constants DATA 8fb7 Evaluate 8fbe Raise to Memory Power 8fc1 Evaluate 8ffa Evaluate 9005 Exp Series DATA 9033 Evaluate 90d0 I/O Error Message 90d8 Basic 'open' 90df Basic 'chrout' 90e5 Basic 'input' 90eb Redirect Output 90fd Redirect Input 9112 Perform [save] 9129 Perform [verify] 912c Perform [load] 918d Perform [open] 919a Perform [close] 91ae Get Load/Save Parameters 91dd Get Next Byte Value 91e3 Get Character or Abort 91eb Move to Next Parameter 91f6 Get Open/Close Parameters 9243 Release I/O String 9251 Call 'status' 9257 Call 'setlfs' 925d Call 'setnam' 9263 Call 'getin' 9269 Call 'chrout' 926f Call 'clrchn' 9275 Call 'close' 927b Call 'clall' 9281 Print Following Text 9287 Set Load/Save Bank 928d Call 'plot' 9293 Call 'get' 9299 Make Room For String 92ea Garbage Collection 9409 Evaluate 9410 Evaluate 9459 Evaluate 9485 Trig Series DATA 94b3 Evaluate 94e3 Series DATA 9520 Print Using 96ee ? 97b9 ? 98eb ? 98f2 ? 99c1 Evaluate 9b0c Evaluate 9b30 Draw Line 9bfb Plot Pixel 9c49 Examine Pixel 9c70 Set Hi-Res Color Cell 9cca Video Matrix Lines Hi DATA 9ce3 Position Pixel 9d1c Bit Masks DATA 9d24 Calc Hi-Res Row/Column 9df2 Restore Pixel Cursor 9e2f Parse Graphics Command 9e32 Get Color Source Param 9f29 Conv Words Hi DATA 9f3d Conv Words Lo DATA 9f4f (graphic/sprdef subroutine) a022 Move Basic to $1c01 a07e Perform [catalog/directory] a11d Perform [dopen] a134 Perform [append] a157 Find Spare SA a16f Perform [dclose] a18c Perform [dsave] a1a4 Perform [dverify] a1a7 Perform [dload] a1c8 Perform [bsave] a218 Perform [bload] a267 Perform [header] a2a1 Perform [scratch] a2d7 Perform [record] a322 Perform [dclear] a32f Perform [collect] a346 Perform [copy] a362 Perform [concat] a36e Perform [rename] a37c Perform [backup] a3bf Parse DOS Commands a5e7 Print 'missing file name' a5ea Print 'illegal device number' a5ed Print 'string too long' a627 DOS Command Masks DATA a667 DOS Command a6d6 ? a778 ? a7e1 Print 'are you sure' a7e8 'are you sure?' TEXT a80d Release String a845 Set Bank 15 a84d IRQ Work aa1f Perform [stash] aa24 Perform [fetch] aa29 Perform [swap] aa6e Reserved For Future Patches ; Patch added in the 1986 release: aa6e Patch for Print Using ; aa81 Unused EMPTY ae64 Encrypted Message DATA af00 Basic Vectors ;af00 JMP $84B4 ;af03 JMP $793C ; Fixed-Float ;af06 JMP $8E42 ; Float to Ascii ;af09 JMP $8052 ; String to Float ;af0c JMP $8815 ; Float/Fixed ;af0f JMP $8C75 ; Fixed-Float ;af12 JMP $882E ; Subtract From Memory ;af15 JMP $8831 ; Evaluate ;af18 JMP $8845 ; Add Memory ;af1b JMP $8848 ; Evaluate ;af1e JMP $8A24 ; Multiply By Memory ;af21 JMP $8A27 ; Evaluate ;af24 JMP $8B49 ; Divide Into Memory ;af27 JMP $8B4C ; Evaluate ;af2a JMP $89CA ; Evaluate ;af2d JMP $8CFB ; Evaluate ;af30 JMP $8FB7 ; Evaluate ;af33 JMP $8FFA ; Evaluate ;af36 JMP $8FBE ; Raise to Memory Power ;af39 JMP $8FC1 ; Evaluate ;af3c JMP $9033 ; Evaluate ;af3f JMP $9409 ; Evaluate ;af42 JMP $9410 ; Evaluate ;af45 JMP $9459 ; Evaluate ;af48 JMP $94B3 ; Evaluate ;af4b JMP $8C47 ; Round FAC#1 ;af4e JMP $8C84 ; Evaluate ;af51 JMP $8C57 ; Get Sign ;af54 JMP $8C87 ; Compare FAC#1 to Memory ;af57 JMP $8437 ;af5a JMP $8AB4 ; Unpack RAM1 to FAC#2 ;af5d JMP $8A89 ; Unpack ROM to FAC#2 ;af60 JMP $7A85 ; Unpack RAM1 to FAC#1 ;af63 JMP $8BD4 ; Unpack ROM to FAC#1 ;af66 JMP $8C00 ; Pack FAC#1 to RAM1 ;af69 JMP $8C28 ; FAC#2 to FAC#1 ;af6c JMP $8C38 ; FAC#1 to FAC#2 ;af6f JMP $4828 ; Defunct Vectors ;af72 JMP $9B30 ; Draw Line ;af75 JMP $9BFB ; Plot Pixel ;af78 JMP $6750 ; Draw Circle ;af7b JMP $5A9B ; Perform [run] ;af7e JMP $51F3 ; Set Up Run ;af81 JMP $51F8 ; Perform [clr] ;af84 JMP $51D6 ; Perform [new] ;af87 JMP $4F4F ; Rechain Lines ;af8a JMP $430A ; Crunch Tokens ;af8d JMP $5064 ; Find Basic Line ;af90 JMP $4AF6 ;af93 JMP $78D7 ; Evaluate Item ;af96 JMP $77EF ; Evaluate Expression ;af99 JMP $5AA6 ;af9c JMP $5A81 ;af9f JMP $50A0 ; Get Fixed Pt Number ;afa2 JMP $92EA ; Garbage Collection ;afa5 JMP $4DCD ; afa8 Unused EMPTY ; ; C128 Machime Language Monitor ; B000 - BFFF ; b000 Perform [monitor] b009 Break Entry b009 Print 'break' b00c 'break' TEXT b021 Print 'call' entry b03a Print 'monitor' b03d 'monitor' TEXT b050 Perform [r] b050 Print ' pc sr ac xr yr sp' b053 ' pc sr ac xr yr sp' TEXT b08b Get Command b0bc Error b0bf Print '?' b0e3 Perform [x] b0e6 Commands DATA b0fc Vectors WORD b11a Read Banked Memory b12a Write Banked Memory b13d Compare Banked Memory b152 Perform [m] b194 Perform [:] b1ab Perform [>] b1c9 Print 'esc-o-up' b1cc 'esc-o-up' TEXT b1d6 Perform [g] b1df Perform [j] b1e8 Display Memory b20b Print '' b20e '' TEXT b231 Perform [c] b234 Perform [t] b2c3 Add 1 to Op 3 b2c6 Do Next Address b2ce Perform [h] b337 Perform [lsv] b3c4 Print 'error' b3db Perform [f] b406 Perform [a] b533 Print 'space' b57c Check 2 A-Matches b57f Check A-Match b58b Try Next Op Code b599 Perform [d] b5ae Print '' b5b1 '' TEXT b5d4 Display Instruction b5f2 Print '<3 spaces>' b5f5 '<3 spaces>' TEXT b659 Classify Op Code b6a1 Get Mnemonic Char b6c3 Mode Tables DATA b715 Mode Characters DATA b721 Compacted Mnemonics DATA b7a5 Input Parameter b7ce Read Value b88a Number Bases DATA b88e Base Bits DATA b892 Display 5-Digit Address b8a5 Display 2-digit Byte b8a8 Print Space b8ad Print Cursor-Up b8b4 New Line b8b9 Blank New Line b8c2 Output 2-Digit Byte b8d2 Byte to 2 ascii b8e7 Get Input Char b8e9 Get Character b901 Copy Add0 to Add2 b90e Calculate Add2 - Add0 b922 Subtract Add0 b93c Subtract Add1 b950 Increment Pointer b960 Decrement Pointer b974 Copy to Register Area b983 Calculate Step/Area b9b1 Perform [$+&%] ba07 Convert to Decimal ba47 Transfer Address ba5d Output Address ba90 Perform [@] bb72 Reserved For Future Patches ; Patches added in the 1986 release: bb72 Unused EMPTY bfc0 Copyright Banner DATA bffc Checksum (?) DATA ; ; ; C128 KERNEL Rev 1 ROM ($C000 - $FFFF) ; ; Editor ; c000 -cint- c006 Get from Keyboard c009 Screen Input Link c00c Screen Print Link c00f -screen- c012 -scnkey- c018 -plot- c021 Define FN Key c024 IRQ Link c027 Upload 80 Col [ce0c] c02a Swap 40/80 Col [cd2e] c02d Set Window c033 Screen Address Low DATA c04c Screen Address High DATA c065 I/O Link Vectors WORD c06f Keyboard Shift Vectors WORD c07b Initialize Screen c142 Reset Window c150 Home Cursor c156 Goto Left Border c15c Set Up New Line c17c Do Screen Color c194 (IRQ) Split Screen c234 Get a Key c29b Input From Screen c2bc Read Screen Char c2ff Check For Quotes c30c Wrap Up Screen Print c320 Ascii to Screen Code c33e Check Cursor Range c363 Do New Line c37c Insert a Line c3a6 Scroll Screen c3dc Delete a Line c40d Move Screen Line c4a5 Clear a Line c53c Set 80-Column Counter to 1 c53e Set 80-Column Counter c55d Keyboard Scan Subroutine c651 Key Pickup & Repeat c6dd Keycodes for Programmed Keys DATA c6e7 Flash 40 Column Cursor c72d Print to Screen c77d Esc-o (escape) c78c ? DATA c79a Vectors WORD c7b6 Print Control Char c802 Print Hi-Bit Char c854 Chr$(29) Cursor Right c85a Chr$(17) Cursor Down c875 Chr$(157) Cursor Left c880 Chr$(14) Text Mode c8a6 Chr$(11) Lock c8ac Chr$(12) Unlock c8b3 Chr$(19) Home c8bf Chr$(146) Clear Rvs Mode c8c2 Chr$(18) Reverse c8c7 Chr$(2) Underline On c8ce Chr$(130) Underline Off c8d5 Chr$(15) Flash On c8dc Chr$(143) Flash Off c8e3 Open Screen Space c91b Chr$(20) Delete c932 Restore Cursor c94f Chr$(9) Tab c961 Chr$(24) Tab Toggle c96c Find Tab Column c980 Esc-z Clear All Tabs c983 Esc-y Set Default Tabs c98e Chr$(7) Bell c9b1 Chr$(10) Linefeed c9be Analyze Esc Sequence c9de Vectors WORD ca14 Esc-t Top ca16 Esc-b Bottom ca1b Set Window Part ca24 Exit Window ca3d Esc-i Insert Line ca52 Esc-d Delete Line ca76 Esc-q Erase End ca8b Esc-p Erase Begin ca9f Esc-@ Clear Remainder of Screen cabc Esc-v Scroll Up caca Esc-w Scroll Down cae2 Esc-l Scroll On cae5 Esc-m Scroll Off caea Esc-c Cancel Auto Insert caed Esc-a Auto Insert caf2 Esc-s Block Cursor cafe Esc-u Underline Cursor cb0b Esc-e Cursor Non Flash cb21 Esc-f Cursor Flash cb37 Esc-g Bell Enable cb3a Esc-h Bell Disable cb3f Esc-r Screen Reverse cb48 Esc-n Screen Normal cb52 Esc-k End-of-Line cb58 Get Screen Char/Color cb74 Check Screen Line of Location cb81 Extend/Trim Screen Line cb9f Set Up Line Masks cbb1 Esc-j Start-of-Line cbc3 Find End-of-Line cbed Move Cursor Right cc00 Move Cursor Left cc1e Save Cursor cc27 Print Space cc2f Print Character cc32 Print Fill Color cc34 Put Char to Screen cc5b Get Rows/Columns cc6a Read/Set Cursor cca2 Define Function Key cd2c Esc-x Switch 40/80 Col cd57 Position 80-col Cursor cd6f Set Screen Color cd9f Turn Cursor On cdca Set CRTC Register 31 cdcc Set CRTC Register cdd8 Read CRTC Register 31 cdda Read CRTC Register cde6 Set CRTC to Screen Address cdf9 Set CRTC to Color Address ce0c Set Up 80 Column Char Set ce4c Ascii Color Codes DATA ce5c System Color Codes DATA ce6c Bit Masks DATA ce74 40-col Init Values ($e0) DATA ce8e 80-col Init Values ($0a40) DATA cea8 Prog Key Lengths DATA ceb2 Prog Key Definitions DATA cef5 Unused EMPTY ; d000 I/O or Chargen DATA ; ; C128 Kernel revision 1 ; E000 - FFFF ; e000 Reset Code e04b MMU Set Up Bytes DATA e056 -restor- e05b -vector- e073 Vectors to $0314 WORD e093 -ramtas- e0cd Move Code For High RAM Banks e105 RAM Bank Masks DATA e109 -init- e1dc Set Up CRTC Registers e1f0 Check Special Reset e242 Reset to 64/128 e24b Switch to 64 Mode e263 Code to $02 e26b Scan All ROMs e2bc ROM Addresses High DATA e2c0 ROM Banks DATA e2c4 Print 'cbm' Mask DATA e2c7 VIC 8564 Set Up DATA e2f8 CRTC 8563 Set Up Pairs DATA e33b -talk- e33e -listen- e43e -acptr- e4d2 -second- e4e0 -tksa- e503 -ciout- Print Serial e515 -untlk- e526 -unlsn- e535 Reset ATN e545 Set Clock High e54e Set Clock Low e557 Set Data High e560 Set Data Low e569 Read Serial Lines e573 Stabilize Timing e59f Restore Timing e5bc Prepare For Response e5c3 Fast Disk Off e5d6 Fast Disk On e5fb Fast Disk On/Off e5ff (NMI) Transmit RS-232 e64a RS-232 Handshake e68e Set RS-232 Bit Count e69d (NMI) RS-232 Receive e75f Send To RS-232 e795 Connect RS-232 Input e7ce Get From RS-232 e7ec Interlock RS-232/Serial e805 (NMI) RS-232 Control I/O e850 RS-232 Timings For NTSC DATA e878 (NMI) RS-232 Receive Timing e8a9 (NMI) RS-232 Transmit Timing e8d0 Find Any Tape Header e919 Write Tape Header e980 Get Buffer Address e987 Get Tape Buffer Start & End Addrs e99a Find Specific Header e9be Bump Tape Pointer e9c8 Print 'press play on tape' e9df Check Tape Status e9e9 Print 'press record ...' e9f2 Initiate Tape Read ea15 Initiate Tape Write ea26 Common Tape Code ea7d Wait For Tape ea8f Check Tape Stop eaa1 Set Read Timing eaeb (IRQ) Read Tape Bits ec1f Store Tape Chars ed51 Reset Pointer ed5a New Char Set Up ed69 Write Transition to Tape ed8b Write Data to Tape ed90 (IRQ) Tape Write ee2e (IRQ) Tape Leader ee57 Wind Up Tape I/O ee9b Switch IRQ Vector eea8 IRQ Vectors WORD eeb0 Kill Tape Motor eeb7 Check End Address eec1 Bump Address eec8 (IRQ) Clear Break eed0 Control Tape Motor eeeb -getin- ef06 -chrin- ef48 Get Char From Tape ef79 -chrout- efbd -open- f0b0 Set CIA to RS-232 f0cb Check Serial Open f106 -chkin- f14c -chkout- f188 -close- f1e4 Delete File f202 Search For File f212 Set File Parameters f222 -clall- f226 -clrchn- f23d Clear I/O Path f265 -load- f27b Serial Load f32a Tape Load f3a1 Disk Load f3ea Burst Load f48c Close Off Serial f4ba Get Serial Byte f4c5 Receive Serial Byte f503 Toggle Clock Line f50c Print 'u0' Disk Reset DATA f50f Print 'searching' f521 Send File Name f533 Print 'loading' f53e -save- f5b5 Terminate Serial Input f5bc Print 'saving' f5c8 Save to Tape f5f8 -udtim- f63d Watch For RUN or Shift f65e -rdtim- f665 -settim- f66e -stop- f67c Print 'too many files' f67f Print 'file open' f682 Print 'file not open' f685 Print 'file not found' f688 Print 'device not present' f68b Print 'not input file' f68e Print 'not output file' f691 Print 'missing file name' f694 Print 'illegal device no' f697 Error #0 f6b0 Messages DATA f71e Print If Direct f722 Print I/O Message f731 -setnam- f738 -setlfs- f73f Set Load/Save Bank f744 -rdst- f757 Set Status Bit f75c -setmsg- f75f Set Serial Timeout f763 -memtop- f772 -membot- f781 -iobase- f786 Search For SA f79d Search & Set Up File f7a5 Trigger DMA f7ae Get Char From Memory f7bc Store Loaded Byte f7c9 Read Byte to be Saved f7d0 Get Char From Memory Bank f7da Store Char to Memory Bank f7e3 Compare Char With Memory Bank f7ec Load Memory Control Mask f800 Subroutines to $02a2-$02fb f85a DMA Code to $03f0 f867 Check Auto Start ROM f890 Check For Boot Disk f908 Print 'booting' f92c Print '...' f98b Wind Up Disk Boot f9b3 Read Next Boot Block f9fb To 2-Digit Decimal fa08 Block Read Command String DATA fa15 Print '#i' fa17 Print a Message fa40 NMI Sequence fa65 (IRQ) Normal Entry fa80 Keyboard Matrix Un-Shifted DATA fad9 Keyboard Matrix Shifted DATA fb32 Keyboard Matrix C-Key DATA fb8b Keyboard Matrix Control DATA fbe4 Keyboard Matrix Caps-Lock DATA ; Patch for the C128 D fc62 Patch for Set Up CRTC Registers ; fc6f Unused EMPTY fd29 DIN Keyboard Matrix Un-Shifted DATA fd81 DIN Keyboard Matrix Shifted DATA fdd8 DIN Keyboard Matrix C-Key DATA fe34 DIN Keyboard Matrix Control DATA ;fe8? DIN Keyboard Matrix Caps-Lock DATA feff Patch byte ff00 MMU Configuration Register CHIP ff01 MMU LCR: Bank 0 CHIP ff02 MMU LCR: Bank 1 CHIP ff03 MMU LCR: Bank 14 CHIP ff04 MMU LCR: Bank 14 Over RAM 1 CHIP ff05 NMI Transfer Entry ff17 IRQ Transfer Entry ff33 Return From Interrupt ff3d Reset Transfer Entry ff47 Jumbo Jump Table ; ; C128 Kernal Jump Table ; ff47 jmp $e5fb spinspout (fast serial) ff4a jmp $f23d close all ff4d jmp $e24b 64mode ff50 jmp $f7a5 dma call ff53 jmp $f890 boot call ff56 jmp $f867 foenix ff59 jmp $f79d lkupla (logical addr) ff5c jmp $f786 lkupsa (second addr) ff5f jmp $c02a swapper 40/80 swap ff62 jmp $c027 dlchr Init 80col charam ff65 jmp $c021 pfkey Prog Function Key ff68 jmp $f73f setbnk ff6b jmp $f7ec setcfg ff6e jmp $02cd jsrfar ff71 jmp $02e3 jmpfar ff74 jmp $f7d0 indfet Bank LDA (fetchvec),y ff77 jmp $f7da indsta Bank STA (stavec),y ff7a jmp $f7e3 indcmp Bank CMP (cmpvec),y ff7d jmp $fa17 primm Print Immediate ff80 [01] Kernal Version Number DATA ff81 jmp $c000 cint Init Editor & Video Chips ff84 jmp $e109 ioinit Init I/O Devices, Ports & Timers ff87 jmp $e093 ramtas Init Ram & Buffers ff8a jmp $e056 restor Restore Vectors ff8d jmp $e05b vector Change Vectors For User ff90 jmp $f75c setmsg Control OS Messages ff93 jmp $e4d2 secnd Send SA After Listen ff96 jmp $e4e0 tksa Send SA After Talk ff99 jmp $f763 memtop Set/Read System RAM Top ff9c jmp $f772 membot Set/Read System RAM Bottom ff9f jmp $c012 key Scan Keyboard ffa2 jmp $f75f settmo Set Timeout In IEEE ffa5 jmp $e43e acptr Handshake Serial Byte In ffa8 jmp $e503 ciout Handshake Serial Byte Out ffab jmp $e515 untlk Command Serial Bus UNTALK ffae jmp $e526 unlsn Command Serial Bus UNLISTEN ffb1 jmp $e33e listn Command Serial Bus LISTEK ffb4 jmp $e33b talk Command Serial Bus TALK ffb7 jmp $f744 readss Read I/O Status Word ffba jmp $f738 setlfs Set Logical File Parameters ffbd jmp $f731 setnam Set Filename ffc0 jmp ($031a) (iopen) Open Vector [efbd] ffc3 jmp ($031c) (iclose) Close Vector [f188] ffc6 jmp ($031e) (ichkin) Set Input [f106] ffc9 jmp ($0320) (ichkout) Set Output [f14c] ffcc jmp ($0322) (iclrch) Restore I/O Vector [f226] ffcf jmp ($0324) (ibasin) Input Vector, chrin [ef06] ffd2 jmp ($0326) (ibsout) Output Vector, chrout [ef79] ffd5 jmp $f265 loadsp Load RAM From Device ffd8 jmp $f53e savesp Save RAM To Device ffdb jmp $f665 settim Set Real-Time Clock ffde jmp $f65e rdtim Read Real-Time Clock ffe1 jmp ($0328) (istop) Test-Stop Vector [f66e] ffe4 jmp ($032a) (igetin) Get Vector [eeeb] ffe7 jmp ($032c) (iclall) Close All Channels And Files [f222] ffea jmp $f5f8 udtim Increment Real-Time Clock ffed jmp $c00f scrorg Return Screen Organization fff0 jmp $c018 plot Read / Set Cursor X/Y Position fff3 jmp $f781 iobase Return I/O Base Address fff6 System Vectors fff6 [ffff] WORD fff8 [e224] SYSTEM WORD fffa Transfer Vectors fffa [ff05] NMI WORD fffc [ff3d] RESET WORD fffe [ff17] IRQ WORD
Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela@HUT.FI)