[hosted by tripod] [Image] [Image] E-mail this page to a friend Tell me when this page is updated [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] [Image] Welcome to Atomz.com HOME ABOUT US CUSTOMERS PARTNERS PRODUCTS PRESS SUPPORT SEARCH LOG OUT [Image] Overview Accounts Options HTML Index Reports Templates member: thecommodorefiles@www.com search account: The CBM Files Add another account HTML Overview Are you a You will add a few lines of HTML code to your site to create a professional Standard Search Form or an Advanced Search Form, both of which are Web shown below. developer? If so you will Standard Search Form Preview want to learn This is what the Standard Search Form will look like if you insert more about its HTML code into your site. our reseller program. Atomz.com can now index Advanced Search Form Preview Acrobat PDF This is what this Advanced Search Form will look like if you files on your insert its HTML code into your site. Web site. Read our PDF Search For: FAQ to learn more. Match: Any word All words Exact phrase Sound-alike matching We honor your Dated: privacy. See From: , our privacy To: , statement for Within: more Show: results summaries information. Sort by: Choose a new ready-to-use template. Search Form HTML Learn how to Below is the HTML that should be added to the Web site associated add the with the search account named The CBM Files. This form submits a target meta visitor's search request to your search engine at Atomz.com. You tag to pages can offer your visitors a Standard Search Form on your Web site by you want top using the Standard Search Form HTML code. You can offer your ranked. visitors an Advanced Search Form on your Web site by using the Advanced Search Form HTML code. Read our FAQ to get Instructions answers to Select and copy the appropriate search form HTML listed below and your paste it into pages of your site. You may modify this HTML to suit questions your design and content needs. See your HTML editor documentation about for more information about how to insert HTML code into your Atomz.com. pages. Also, see special instructions for NetObjects Fusion users. Read our Your home page is a good place to insert your search form, because Search Tips many of your visitors expect to find search capability there. You to get the can also create your own HTML page including the search form and most relevant other helpful information, and then link to that page throughout search your site. results from our search Hints engine. Some HTML editors have trouble pasting HTML code from other applications. If the HTML code appears on your web page as text, then copy-and-paste from this page to a simple text editor, then copy-and-paste again from the simple text editor to your HTML editor. (You can use "notepad" on Windows or "Simple Text" on a Macintosh as a simple text editor.) If the text box is too wide for your design, just reduce its width by changing the size parameter of the "sp-q" input tag in the HTML code for your search form. For inspiration and ideas, see the Member Gallery for examples of how others have incorporated their search form into their sites. Copy and Paste this HTML for a Standard Search Form Select and copy the following lines of HTML and then paste them into pages of your site if you would like to have a Standard Search Form.

Copy and Paste this HTML for an Advanced Search Form Select and copy the following lines of HTML and then paste them into pages of your site if you would like to have an Advanced Search Form. This Advanced Search Form code gives you all of the options that can be chosen in an Atomz.com Search Form. Feel free to choose which options to include, or to format the search form to your liking. For more information about the Advanced Search Form elements, see the Advanced Search Form Help page.
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