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Celebrities Facts Finder

This is A&E cable tv series Biography web site. Site include search engine for over 20000 persons, chapters from biographies, calendar of upcoming shows, quizzes, games, content of current Biography magazine.
The Celebrity Almanac!
This site by Edward N. Lewis with introduction by Ed MaMahon have over 2400 birthdays, 700 death dates, and 400 real name of famous personalities. The address of celebrities can be purchase in a book or on CD rom. Site have about one third of the photos and autographs in the book or CD rom.
Compuology otherweb
Links for Genealogist listed in the book "The Internet for Genealogist: a beginner guide" by Barbara Renick and Richard S. Wilson. Site include links updates and links not listed in book. Some sites are for finding living persons addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers. Some sites searches for families trees posted on the web.
DITTO is Web crawler for pictures. The results of the search are return in e-mail.
Search subcategory are starSite (actors, musicians, athlets, other), starCentral (my eStar, chat rooms, star forums, messages), eStarNews(newswire, features, colums, archive), and eStarStore.
Find A Grave
Site find celebrites and VIP graves geographically or alphabetically, have pictures of famous grave, and link to other tombs.
Site have birthdays and triva of celebrities. Birthdays are listed for the current day or any other date.
Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
IMDb is data base of movies, television series, videos, and video games. Movies, videos, and television data include cast and crew, company credits, plots, awards and reviews, release date, showtime, and photo gallery. Data on individual include birth date and location, death date and location, credits history in movies, videos, television.
Seeing Stars
This is the ultimate guide of Hollywood and celebrities. Site give listing of where celebrities eat, shop, and play. Site give listing of grave sites, museums, and landmarks.
Star Seeker
This is a search engines for highest quality celebrites web sites. Search subcategories are Actors/Actresses, Television, Music, Supermodels, Good & Service, Entertainment News, Sneak Prevews, Movies, Other Celebs, Sports.

Burton Craddock
Last update August 12, 2000